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          Enda Tour is Turkey's leading sport tourism and travel agency.
For all levels of rugby teams, sport organizes training camps, tournaments and friendly matches. We have an Rugby Field with international standards. It provides high quality accommodation services to the teams.As a sports and travel specialist company, we provide rugby training camp trips, sports training camps services. From the beginning of camping and travel to the return journey; we offer all-inclusive packages from laundry to referee services. Our camp experts are available to any organization at any time.A wide range of up to professional rugby training camp in Turkey to various sports teams, especially rugby camp and travel services we provide. We work with the best hotels on the Turkish Riviera with professional rugby facilities. We provide you with a range of sports hotels in the immediate vicinity or with quality lawns.Enda Tour , provides a unique setting for Turkey's longest beach in the Mediterranean climate for training and jogging. An optimum training camp offers a variety of fitness, wellness and massage treatments. The grass rugby fields we provide are constructed according to FIFA and UEFA norms and meet all requirements. Our services include training for professional, amateur and young teams. You can also have fun your vacation with your family!

Professional services from professionals for you!

Which services do we offer?

•     Our own best fields for rugby trainings, which is located in just walking distance from hotel                 Sor, transfer to the training site,
•    Airport transfer for both ways, 
•    Organisation of sparring and friendly maches with local and invited teams,
•    Medical services and our contracted hospitals ,
•    Laundry,
•    Individual menus and team table in the restourants,
•    Fitness center,hamam,sauna and massage table,first aid kit.(sport masseur can be provided with extra price)
•    Local sim cart and phone,
•    Meeting hall for group meetings ,projection and sounds system,
•    Active rest and excursion tours,


           Our company 'Enda Tours' takes into account the wishes of each group

and will create an individual offer for you which is suitable for you!

For training camps and organisations, Turkey has become a favourite country for rugby training camps. And, Antalya has become one of the favourite cities for rugby teams. Antalya is waiting for you with especially its warm weather in winters,affordable prices for hotels and great rugby fields!





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